• Ahmad Rashad

Pioneer - Overweight lover boy

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

This "Pioneer" is clearing uncharted waters and making a path for himself and others like him. Pioneer has a vision for himself and his music, From losing 200 pounds to gaining confidence and killing the game, let's check his interview to find out more.

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

From suicide to being over weight, to a million No’s and one maybe Yes I’m all about glowing. I’m from Bolton/Jackson Mississippi it hasn’t been the most glorious journey but I stem my positions on being resilient. Also keeping a renaissance man outlook with action. My smile once was dark, dim and off colored is now shown for multiple reasons. My personality once distance and confused are more attractive and inviting. Out of all these things my music is what drives me most! Of course besides God first! My greatest prayer with works is that my music Enhance and always is overly relatable! Always excepting criticism and always overly working my ideas and plans are things that I have to keep Consistent. I want to show others to strive and achieve there purpose and be dynamic but never allow yourself to be in a box. Keep your solid ambition and Glow!

What inspires you?

Other People’s Journey. The idea that I don’t want to become what my previous family generation has shown me. Life in general, with all the rough unfairness it has thrown at me!

What are some obstacles that you have faced and how have they made you better?

To much to tell but I’ll give a few trials I’ve been through. I’ve faced being overweight and heart failure. I’ve faced so many no’s, so much rejection. I’ve had family not support nor become involved in any of my musical Journey stives! My brothers and sisters all either gave up on me or never supported. Through all of that I kept my humble rugged mentality. Never give the hate back but always protect your energy and don’t allow the toxic confusion to consume or deter you.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

To truly have a world of successful relatable records. To be able to inspire a true growth among my believers that the more I elevate they elevate! To be able to achieve Grammys successfully. To put my mother in better situation of life. For my career to enhance those who are involved with me.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

Inspiration, motivation, growth. A will to live a strive to live! A reason to get up and be what you desire to be and always help others no let Ups!

Where can people find your music?

All streaming Platforms. (Here)

Instagram: @TheOfficialPioneer

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