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A young artist representing his city to the fullest has taken his pride and ambition to the max by putting his city on back with courage. Originally from New Orleans, this gifted artist flashed onto the scene with positive energy and swagger to give the streets hope. He moved to Oklahoma five (5) years ago to play football for the University of Oklahoma (OU). As a talented football player, Pabbi always gravitated towards the sound and rhythm that he practiced day in and out. This young man found an outlet in his spare time when he started taking music seriously. After injuring his back, he left the game of football and picked up a pair of headphones.

Pabbi’s creates flows that captivate audiences and singles that memorize communities. As a vital part in the community, his dad got him into little league football from the early age of six (6) in Louisiana. According to Pabbi, “football was a space that allowed him to get all the things that were going on during his entire upbringing.” It made him grateful and honored to be in the position he is in today. The sport kept him out of trouble and brought him a world of opportunity and possibilities.

It was hard for Pabbi to walk away from football after injuring his back. He was in a great position to take care of his family with his draft stock rising at OU. When his back injury brought his sports career to a halt, he had to figure out what was next. It really made him think deep, hard, and long about the next steps he wanted to take. Those thoughts led to his passion and purpose within the music industry. As this pandemic looms, Pabbi has been able to own in on his thoughts more and focus on his creative process. Now, he feels more prepared than ever to evolve as an independent artist.

Currently residing in Oklahoma City, “AMG Pabbi” is known for his hit single, “Pop Out” is a viral sensation with 50,000+ streams on Apple Music. The young man has found his rhythm with a sound that continues to uplift the whole nation. He’s brought a new sense of energy to the world. A dope verse within the track goes like this,

“Go hard or go home, that’s my story. If I ever hurt you babygirl, I am sorry.” - AMG Pabbi

AMG Pabbi is more than a talent artist. He has a lot of great projects coming up and believes in reconstructing our black communities. It’s essential to vote and have your voice heard through nonviolent actions. Pabbi gives a solid piece of advice to our communities with an amazing quote,

“We got to stand solid together!” - AMG Pabbi

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