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ShanaPM and the PM stands for Late night?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Does ShanaPM stand for Shana at night? Not sure but her music definitely has that late night bedroom feel. This R&B artist has sex appeal and swagger, not to mention the voice to match. Find out more about her below.

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and your music

So I’m SC born, fed, and raised lol. The country is all I know. My father was a preacher and my mom,a First Lady. I have 1 sibling and that’s my lil brother P2. My brother is the person who got me back to writing and making music again. He kept saying “it’s in you, get back in the studio”. Mind you he’s away on vacation and coming home next year. Me having my freedom still to pursue this dream, I felt like it was almost disrespectful to him if i didn’t. Needless to say with me being a “PK” I found my love for singing on the choir...I love singing for God. The first song I ever wrote was a gospel song and i was 14 or 15 years old. Ever since then me and music are like PB&J lol. I listened to a lot of gospel, a lot. So Helen Baylor was my first Artist love...I would cry and smile to her music. It wasn’t until 15 or 16 that I knew R&B was a thing....My dad would play records by the Jackson 5 and Al Green. I loved the way he would dance to Mr. Green lol, he had moves forreal lol. My first R&B song that i really fell hard for was from watching an episode of “Family Matters”. The song was “It’s All About You” by Tracie Spencer. Not shortly after that I heard this chic named Monica on the radio...”Angel of Mine”. I was hooked after that. I’d write poems and try and turn them into songs. My first relationship and heartbreak was the blueprint for my R&B journey. So because I connected to it instantly and in such a big way I always wanted to listen to it...until the time came that I realized I could really create it. I’m in love with R&B and that’ll never change. So my goal is to give the people my experience through song. I’ve released a few singles but I don’t think people that know of me already really ready for what I’m about to bring to the table. My EP is bringing the sexy back along with all the other feels...stay tuned.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by life man...I’m not even supposed to be here right now...you feel me. Like, it’s crazy that I’m still around to do this. So much has happened to me and around me. GOD, music l, and my family held me down. There belief in me pushes me to go beyond limits I’ve set for my own self. That’s real. I’ve been in some dark places and it feels good not be in that space anymore. I’m so much stronger than my circumstances. My son is my physical reminder to keep going and finish anything I do in life, not just with music. He’s watching me...he wants to see Mom win.

What are some obstacles that you have faced and how have they made you better?

The 3 biggest obstacles for me would be 1) Knowing who to trust, PERIODT. 2) Financing my music on my own dime. 3) Battling myself on whether I’m good enough to keep going. If this was easy or cheap to pursue then everyone would be an artist. So, I always come back to the reality that nobody can do ME better than ME. That’s just that on that. So creating my own lane with my sound and approach is what keeps me going. I’ve been burned several times in this music business but I’m glad I got played in those situations. I’ve learned what not to do going forward and how to protect myself along with the music I create. Good business will get you further than talent and I stand behind that now.

What is your 5 year plan for your music and for yourself?

I don’t really have a 5 year plan. Pursuing music and being an artist is expensive lol. So I mean I’m just out here making music because it’s something that I just really have a passion for. If God sees fit that this will be how I end up taking care of my family in the next 5 then I’m definitely all for it. I’m just trying to be smart in how I move but no plan set in stone. Being able to put out this R&B EP, that’s in the works, is my only goal for myself in relation to music.

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

I grew up on old school, 90s R&B. So I’m big on slow jams and relationship music. I want people to say “Yo!!! That Shana PM will get you in the mood”. We need more love and love making in the world today lol, but forreal. I just want to be apart of that musically. I want them to listen to my music and walk away with me still lingering in their thoughts...I want to be apart of their lives...bedroom included lol musically I mean.

Where can people find your music?

People can find my music online at www.shanapm.com. I’m also on Sound Cloud and all my social media is under Shana PM.

Instagram: @Shana_pm

Twitter: @Shana_pm

Facebook: ShanaPm

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