• Ahmad Rashad

“Single Again” is it still a hot boy summer?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

While some of us are enjoying this Hot Boy/Hot Girl summer others of us are still in or recently out of relationships, Big Sean is one of them. With his new track "Single Again" he goes over his recent relationship and break up with what can only be assumed to be Jhene Aiko. Although we don't know the details of their break-up, this song has come after the release of Jhene Aiko's “triggered -Freestyle“. With this information I can only assume that this is his response to her song. In this smooth track we hear lines like "All the trust gone, seems like all you say is "prove it to me"" and "I even tried the drugs they didn't help, short term fix that breaks everything else" which states that it was definitely something rocky and possible deceit.

But, to counteract that we hear lines like "The major key is to be strong on your own, lose your other half, you're never off-balance" and "Looking for love in somebody else that I probably shoulda gave to myself" Shows growth and realization on Big Sean's part about possible solutions for his problems and ways to make better decisions going forward.

Hearing Jhene Aiko's illustrious voice on the chorus, surprised me but made me feel good knowing that although they may not be together, they are still adults and can have a split while handling it maturely.

For a second I thought we might never get another joint project , something that music definitely can't get enough of; In the meantime though, this will have to suffice. Loving your self is great advice that we all need during this Hot summer, it makes it easier for us all to be

Single Again.

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