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ALL BLACK EVERYTHING for NSJ the Producer! A household name in Miami. All you have to do is say the first three (3) letters in this young man’s name for the streets to start talking. He has a unique sound that radiates into the engineering boards as he produces tracks for emerging artists. Ever since the tender age of fifteen (15), NSJ picked up his first DJ controller from his friend David. Afterwards, NSJ started developing a love for the way sounds could be produced. He started breaking down beats and listening to loops and hooks to master his craft. When NSJ started learning how to develop beats, sounds, and melodies for the world to see, he found a passion beyond what he ever imagined.

NSJ started to gain attention from local talent early. He began to build a brand and establish a name that carried weight no matter where he went. As he started to study the art of music, NSJ paid attention to artists like:

● Jay Z

● Kanye West

● Saint Jhn

When artists started to request his services, NSJ began to see a future in music. It was at that moment that he made the decision to take his craft to the next level. He blocked out all distractions and put in the time to develop a work ethic like no other. Over the span of two (2) years, NSJ has worked with artists like:

● Snoop Dogg

● Cool and Dre

● Trinidad James

● Kent Jones

As he developed an authentic and wavy sound for listeners to vibe to, he became more confident in his ability to create. It wasn’t always easy though, NSJ had to conquer adversity early in his life with a mentality like no other. I had the opportunity to meet and work with NSJ in 2017. I saw first-hand how hard he worked to build his brand and conquer adversity. It was inspiring and motivating to see him stay positive regardless of the situation. NSJ has always been dedicated to making MUSIC his full-time PASSION.

Coming from a low-income household, NSJ made the best out of every situation to ensure that he took care of his family. Two years ago, NSJ quit his “9-5” job and never looked back! Being able to witness the evolution of his brand continues to remind me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it at the end of the day.

NSJ continues to eat healthy, PRAY, and stay organized as a full-time entrepreneur in the music industry. He doesn’t have time to play around, waste energy, or be lazy because he’s too busy getting,


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