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"Str8ToTheMusic with Oya Storm"

Oya Storms uses her gift as a cultivating force in her community. This young lady from Pensacola, Florida has a sound so unique that it sparks movements outside of the studio. Now, Oya Storms resides in Seattle, Washington where she recently contributed to the peaceful yet alarming protests in the community. I have the pleasure of interviewing Oya Storms tomorrow during an IG LIVE Interview. I'll sit with her and discuss a few amazing projects. There are so many details that we will get into tomorrow that her excitement and joy runs over. I know this will be an enthusiastic conversation about her music and impact within the community.

Furthermore, we discussed how the importance of music is a craft that is essential to the positive and creative energy for all millennials. In retrospect, her brand has become a voice and movement where others can find hope in anticipation for change to start. As a singer/songwriter, Oya Storms voiced her passion and purpose through a unique perspective of music. Every time she gets in the booth, she pours her heart out with a melody or chorus that makes the track come alive. Her new EP, entitled, “Well Done” can be found on all major platforms.

The strategy within her music has a message to uplift and inspire the community. The organization of her music has influenced the way others act and speak about the current events going on in society today. It is important to have leaders like Oya Storms! She is bringing more black people together through creative arts. By reaching people of color through music that makes people feel emotions, her purpose has become an act of change. Oya Storms is driving home a positive and electrifying message.

As a host and content writer for The FamCo, I will be interviewing Oya Storms tomorrow at 9PM EST / 6 PM PST. This will be a great opportunity for us to bring the community together and hear the powerful words from Oya Storms. Her goal as an artist is to be a voice as a black woman in a revolutionary way. It’s about an effort of “we” not a “me,” says Oya Storms! I hope you’re ready for this divine intervention.

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