• Ahmad Rashad

STTM( Month in review)

August was (un-officially) the first month of the Straight to the music blog. Although I’ve been working on it since about July with July 31st being the release of my first blog post. I never really planned to start a blog but this really was the first FULL month of working.

I didn’t set many goals as I wanted to be realistic and even then some of my estimations were too high. I started at about 50 follows and no reviews. Let’s see some of the goals that I set vs. what was accomplished

Goals set:

- Get to 100 Follows

- Write appx. 3 to 4 blogs per week

- Post at least once a day on social media

- Do as many artist reviews as possible

- Find a post that can ”Go viral” or atleast build traction

Goals Accomplished:

- Right now we are sitting at about 113 Follows (up about 60+ from July)

- This first month only, I’ve published 25 blog post( with 5 unpublished)

- With about 10 artist reviews

- Post avg 2-3x per day( average of 2 regular post and maybe a couple more story post).

- Average views on stories around 30 which is up from around 5 at the beginning. (Peaked at about 70)

- Average views on regular post were around 30-40. which is up from around 10-20. Highest being 167, (mind blown)

Haven’t found that post yet that’ll create traction, but hopefully this month we’ll find it or at least find my voice. Writing this down it actually feels like I’ve accomplished more than I previously thought. Just looking at one of my blog post from Shana PM we got 92 FUCKING VIEWS. That’s crazy s/o to her. I didn’t even know that. I apologize though cause a couple of those views are mine as I kept accidentally clicking the link (sorry). But that’s huge and I’m thankful. But here we are at September 2nd and I’m setting some new goals for month two. I’m usually real general but I’m going to try to get specific.

Goals to Accomplish:

- 10 consistent blog viewers (I wanna say 5 because I feel like it’s reasonable but we’re gonna shoot for more)

- 100 more followers ( Might not be easy but someone just told me not to go against myself (s/o to Jay Elaine), so we’re gonna go for it)

- Make one piece of “Viral content” content that brings traction (10 shares, multiple comments)

- Get views on story to average 75 (100 on the high) but 75 is a win

- Get views on feed to average 50.

Also since the artist have helped me the most and have been the coolest people, I want to up my indie post to about 20. If I can pump out 20 that would be amazing. This first month has been greater than I anticipated and I have whoever reads to thank for that. Some days my days get jumbled together and they go slow but my months go fast, but this is a reason to celebrate. Celebrate the little victories, they add up.

Thank you in advance month 2,

Ahmad Rashad

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