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Young Dolph is an independent rapper and Memphis native. His style is unique outside of the studio or booth. He has authority that commands respect in any room. He often wears exclusive fashion with different colors that reflect his innovative mindset. Dolph is a family man and true entrepreneur at heart. The name of his music label, “PRE” (Paper Route Empire) tells you what he intends to do. Then, he shows you in his music.

His voice represents the town that raised him. His new single, “Sunshine” is a testament to that voice. As an artist, Dolph continues to forge a path of creativity that connects with his community. His name is symbolic of the diverse portfolio he has built in the music industry. Like a dolphin, Young Dolph is in and out of the water plotting his next move. As an independent artist, his music speaks to the streets with a positive messages in his verses like:

“God, please watch over our doctors and nurses on the front line. I can’t wait until the clouds are gone and we get sunshine.” - Young Dolph

This verse can be seen as a cry for help and a prayer as well. Dolph’s verses remind you of the good times you would have at family barbecues with cousins and nephews. In Dolph’s new single, he gives a little inspiration despite the uncertain and chaotic times we are currently in as a society. Continue to check out Young Dolph as he tells stories about his life through his music.


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