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"Temperature Rising"

Tory Lanez has the “Six” going crazy. Ever since he released Quarantine Radio, the Canadian rapper has channeled his creative genius. His latest music venture is an innovative yet cinematic music video with a touch of romance. It’s a unique twist to Lanez music given his interest in acting. Tory’s career has risen to another level during Quarantine. It's great to see his creativity rise to another level in this video. His counterpart, Drake has released some great music too.

One would ask, who is the “King of the Six?

The new single “Temperature Rising” is the latest drop by Tory Lanez as an independent-artist. Everyone has been wondering how artists would react during this time of chaos and uncertainty. We have seen the music industry shake up the game with digital streams and concerts. Stars like Lil Wayne and Torey Lanez have come out with radio shows to spark conversation. Whether it is on IG Live, YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok, digital performances are becoming the new way to entertain the public.

Since “social distancing” has created a barrier, Tory Lanez has built a ladder to climb over it with new music and a unique sound both in and out of the studio. As he continues to emerge, we can see an ICON in the making. It will be interesting to see how the summer plays out!

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