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"Ten Toes Down"

“Ten Toes Down” by YPDMV has a consistent melody that brings his track to life. There is a catchy mix of piano riffs and drum patterns as YPDMV introduces his catchphrase, “Woah Now”. YPDMV does a great job of switching the energy of his voice to match the changing rhythms within the beat. His ability to evolve with the track and not simply rap over the beat is evident.

The lyrics of “Ten Toes Down” describe the lifestyle of an artist that is trying to grind and pursue opportunities that will elevate his career. The words reflect positive energy and emotion with each verse. YPDMV uses the phrase “Ten Toes Down” to describe how he intends to pursue his dreams and aspirations. As a rapper, YPDMV has overcome adversity and struggles to get to where he’s at in life. The song describes people, cars, and places within his environment that motivate him to keep working efficiently. There are bars that describe the achievements, struggles, and lifestyle that YPDMV lives. In one line, he says its,

“Comma after comma, drama after drama,”

Overall, the single, “Ten Toes Down” has a unique hook with verses that change pace. This can add a new dimension to the portfolio of an artist like YPDMV. This is a great hit to start his summer 2020 campaign off the right way. I think audiences will gravitate to the sound and lyrics of this new single.

Link: https://lawofattractioneh.wixsite.com/ypdmv

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