• Ahmad Rashad

Teyana Taylor - Bare With Me & Made It

Today, Teyana Taylor released two singles. One we assume is coming from her new album and the other as an ode to the graduating class of 2020 . Check out her new singles Bare With Me & Made It below:

Bare With Me

Pros: After Seeing this clip go viral earlier this week. I just knew that Teyana Taylor was going to deliver and that she did. The video aesthetics were straight out of a 1920’s crime movie and I loved it. Of course Teyana had to show off her dance moves which is what made us fall in love with the video originally

Cons: Although the song was catchy, in my opinion it was too short. After seeing the viral video earlier this week, I felt that we might've received the best part in that video and we did. Teyana Taylor has always had a strong pen and I love that, but I wish she would've just given us more. Don't get it twisted though because the song is still a bop, for sure.

Made It

Dedicated to the class of 2020, Teyana Taylor creates an anthem for this.

Pros: Due to the Corona Virus, High school and College Kids will not get to walk across their perspective stages. Teyana Taylor created and anthem to them to show them that they are appreciated and that their work is not in vain. I believe that during this time, the best thing you can do is encourage students who worked hard and to stand in solidarity with them. I remember what it was like graduating college and how I felt the very next day. The moment is short lived and for those who don't even get to experience that, I know it's hard.

Cons: How can you knock someone who is doing it for the kids?

All in All, Teyana Taylor's art speaks for itself and I'm just awaiting the album June 2020.

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