• Ahmad Rashad

The BIG day or the BIG Let down

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I'm a huge Chance the Rapper fan, I've liked all of his tapes up until this point (Coloring Book being my personal favorite). "The Big Day" was another story for me. Although I didn't completely dislike the tape it sounded more like a collaboration album full of radio singles as opposed to a debut album.

Of course, with Chance the Rapper nothing is ever by the book and that's what I like about his music; he does as he pleases. But, where this album is concerned it provided a cornucopia of features from notable artists like (Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, En Vogue, and SWV) and also features from the new up and comers like (Da Baby, Meg the Stallion, and Smino), but lacked cohesion in the flow of the overall tape.

Unlike others, I still like the subject matter of this album which is family, marriage, legacy and childhood reminiscing. I completely understand the whole inspiration for this album but as a whole I think this project could've been labeled as a collaboration and dedicated to his wife as a wedding gift. I also think and wholeheartedly believe that Chance can hold his own without these myriad of features (10 Day & Acid Rap) and that they held him back. Although I believe this album was a step back, I also believe that he has a long prosperous road ahead of him.

Favorite songs: Eternal, Do you Remember,

Runner's up : Roo, All day long

Rate: 6.5

The Big Day

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