• Ahmad Rashad

The Chillionaires - Who wants to be a Chillionaire?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

At first, I didn't know what to expect from this tape. I received a message to review it and i decided to check it out and was quite surprised. The Chillionaires come with catchy bars and punchlines for their tape "Who wants to be a Chillionaire" and I completely enjoyed it. These artist from New York came through and did their thing on this tape.

Listening to this tape I was able to enjoy songs like I'm a Chillionaire, Chasin Chicken, A Chillion dollars, and Buschemi Walk. In Bushemi Walk as well as other tracks I enjoyed picking up certain punchlines like "Gray Buschemi looking just like Betty white/Buschemi looking like Fuschemi's they kinda off" and another distinct bar from Cashin Checks "Haters always bugging out, I put them pest aside(Pesticide)" This tape was full of them you just had to catch it . Ruciano, King Gray, and Sky Scraper did their thing on this 16 track project and I wish them nothing but success in the future . For the full tape check it out below. Shout out to Ruciano for the direct message.

Favorite Tracks: Bushemi Walk, I'm a Chillionaire, A chillion dollars

Rate: 7.5

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Group Instagram: @The_Chillionaires

Ruciano: @Ruciano_

King Gray: @Gamogray_

Sky Scraper: @Touchda_sky

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