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Instagram live impact for artist & entertainers during Quarantine

How creating an IG live show can impact your brand

An entertainer should always aim to create innovative content that communicates the purpose of their brand. There are different forms of communication that allow you to reach your online community. No matter the location, digital platforms create a bond between you and your supporters. When Facebook bought Instagram, it was a pivotal point in our digital culture for entertainers.

The merging of two platforms gave users the opportunity to communicate their content in interactive ways. There’s a unique tool on Instagram called, “IG Live.” This tool allows you to communicate with your online community in an innovative way. For example, comedians such as @kingchocolatee create memes that engage with his online community.  Richard Munroe is an entertainer that has been featured by some of the biggest artists in the game. He uses his “IG Live” as a way to create a dynamic presence for his online community to embrace his craft.

A post on your Instagram feed can show your craft as an entertainer in different ways. The diversity of an IG Live feed streams your craft in real time. It gives followers a reason to interact, follow, and support your brand. When hosting an IG Live, you’re able to engage naturally. You can interact with your online community in different ways that include:

1. Q&A

2. Interviews

3. Vlogs

4. Studio Sessions

Our current economic state has caused everyone to shift their attention to social media outlets in their leisure time. An IG Live allows you to capture the attention of a massive online community at arm’s reach. It’s a great marketing tool for entertainers looking to explore different options within content creation.

Written by Jeremy Wade @Itzprogressj

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