• Ahmad Rashad

The Loser - Alfred Eugene

In listening to this debut album by Alfred Eugene and although I wasn’t sure what to expect I was immediately encapsulated. From the intro of The Loser you immediately feel that underdog trying to overcome vibe, and we always root for the underdog.

Songs like The Loser, Alive at Twenty5, C.A.M.J.R. , Thots, and Not the One, made the tape easy to listen too. I like the Thots skit as It shows the inside of his mind and just the views of what people think on the daily. I like the versatility presented by Eugene as well, with songs like The Loser and C.A.M.J.R. He provides an upbeat flow while songs like his single New Jack City, Not the one , and Somebody Nobody are a little slower. I even like him bringing in an R&B singer in Jabriel to sing the hook on Not the One, as it provided the crooner vibe.

Overall I think Alfred Eugene, definitely has a solid project, and as he continues to develop and grow he can make his career Into whatever he wants. I look forward to see him progress and see this project age well for him. If you haven't, definitely check it out! I recommend it. Tell him Ahmad sent you.

Fave tracks : The Loser , Alive at Twenty 5, C.A.M.J.R. & Not the One.

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