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"The Official Paris"

Young and talented artist OMB Paris out of New York is buzzing at the young age of sixteen. It’s scary to see such a diverse and unique artist grounded and matured so early in his career. Paris released a single entitled “Back on Me” three weeks ago and the video has already accumulated over 5k views. This is a young man with a bright future and is looking to take over the game, period. You can see the overall positivity through his bars:

“Give me your energy, I want your energy, don’t need your enemies, won’t be the end of me.” - Paris

When you consider a line like this, it makes you think about the innovation that goes into his musical process. Paris has a melodic style and vibe that keeps him strong and humble. Yet, his actions spark attention from coast to coast with authenticity in every word. This Bronx native is still in high school with aspirations that make him a force to be reckoned with moving forward. He is willing and ready for every challenge with a positive mindset that allows him to thrive with no distractions. He has a great support system that keeps him grounded and focused on his goals, and I’m excited to see what Paris does next! Check out the link to his official music video “Back on Me” below. Also, he will be interviewed tomorrow by me on my Instagram Live feed (@itzprogressj) at 8pm EST.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPIW4Pw_Hxw

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