• Ahmad Rashad

The Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Dances

Right now, especially during this Quarantine time, Tik Tok has gone crazy with these dance crazes. Below we’ll list some of the most popular dance crazes led by Black America, let’s tap in below:

1) Renegade (Lottery) - @KCamp

This craze went viral after a young lady named Jalaiah Harmon (@Jalaih) and her friend took the world by storm with this tik tok dance. Since then kids everywhere can’t stop doing this dance

2) Savage - @MegTheStallion

This craze the Savage Challenge, has been one in which women flock too as they do a dance routine to the single Savage by Meg The Stallion

3) Vibe - @CookieeKawaii

This Challenge starts with the lyrics “If I back it up is it fast enough” and ends with “Watch me throw it back” in which women do their best twerk impression or follow the routine started by other tik tokers. At first I didn’t care for this track but Since this challenge started Tik Tok has made this track go viral and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

4) Get Loose Challenge - @HunchoDaRockstar

“I thought you could never get lose... get loose, get loose” this catchy hook only comprises of three dance moves, one which includes a new dance called “Mop” and as you can guess it, just act like you’re using a mop

5) Hit yo groove - @Runituptahj

Hit yo groove challenge has taking on a form of its own as it has also been referred to the In the crowd challenge. In the this dance you hit your groove, the woah, and hit dem folks. Catch Bronny killing it below.

6) Something New - @TyDollaSign

This is a family challenge in which you stand in a line, throw your elbows from side to side, shimmy and clap. This is probably the easiest of the Tik Tok dances to do. The craziest one I’ve seen so far is with these guys in prison. I guess we’ll just glance over the fact that they have an actual phone in an ACTUAL PRISON but I guess inmates need a little fun too.

7) Flip the switch @ChampagnePapi

We all know the infamous Drake line “I just flipped the switch (Switch, Switch)” and so here’s the challenge to match it. In this one, when the switch goes off so does your clothes and you SWITCH with the person ( or in some cases animal) next to you.

8) Don’t rush

While being in the house during this quarantine people definitely “Got fresh to sit in the living room“ (shout out to 2 Chainz). Anyways, this challenge does just that, shows women and men before and after they get all dressed up. These women look good don’t they? Check out this dope one below.

9) Snake @LilKeed

Snake challenge is simple, move your hips in a snake motion while changing your expression. Because as you know that’s what real life snakes do!

10) Toosie Slide - @ChampagnePapi

Draaaakkkkkeeeeee?! What can we say, this man is always in his bag. He wanted to create his own challenge so he did. This one named after dancer and social media influencer Toosie. If you’re looking for bars this isn’t really your song, but if you want something to TikTok too, this might be it.

Although I’m not sure of the creators of these challenges, I was able to find the person who made the songs. Don’t get to caught up on the names of the challenges or the dances, because we had our crazy ones too (I know you remember Jerk & Cat daddy.) They make no sense, but neither did ours.

If you’ve been keeping up with Social Media at all, then you’ve seen these dances somewhere. While you’re sitting around the house during this quarantine maybe you have time to learn some? Everyone else is.

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