• Ahmad Rashad

The Vibrant Virtuosity Varies...

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The vibrant virtuosity varies in all aspects of music. This organization located at Florida International University holds its own in the music stratosphere. This organization whose sole goal is to develop and support young musicians is by far the most creative form of musical ingenuity that I have seen. They plan to take artist from dust to starlight and with being led by Founder Brandon Caneva it definitely is possible.

Recently, I had a chance to sit in on auditions for their upcoming musical showcase and was blown away by the talent in which I seen. Although I missed a few performances, there were a lot that stood out to me. As artist like Freddie Julee, Jeka Sole, Valerie, Sophia and Zaya took the stage and they commanded the attention of their audience whether with voice or with interaction. Even then other artist like Raine, Danielle, and A Ru, came with either bars, a catchy hook or even some captivating dancing. For some of these artist being as young as 18 years of age and whose first performance this could possibly be, they did everything that they could possibly do to stand out, and most succeeded. Although some spoke in diverse languages like Arabic & Spanish their point was delivered none the less.

Virtuosity has their hands full as they will have to comb through 25 auditions from the second round to knock it down to solely 7 performers for opening day. Whatever this group decides to do, I know that they will only provide the BEST performers to wear the name of Virtuosity contestants come September 30th. With that being said I plan to be in person on that date to continue this saga, until the next time...

To learn more about this organization check out their Instagram below:

Instagram: @Virtuosityfiu

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