• Ahmad Rashad

Therapy Tuesday

Every Tuesday and I mean EVERY Tuesday we have one of the dopest nights of the week, Therapy Tuesdays. This event depending on the week is 90’s music, R&B , Island Night or Cypher night along with a mix of live performances!

This past Tuesday definitely had performances you didn’t want to miss. Being the 5th Tuesday (usually only 4) this was a free for all and DJ Mari, got to do what he does best. Leading the crowd up until the performances he played hit after hit preparing us for even more HEAT! The performers were one’s that you didn’t want to miss as they had the crowd on their toes.

Artist like Santana , 7ranquil (pronounced Tranquil), and YSN Steela had the crowd on their feet and in the groove. Even more so Khalia and Fragmento came in and took us to the other side of Miami with the Latin tracks. Santana and artist 98 lex also gave us songs for our soul.

Each artist did fantastic and once again DJ Mari does it again! To the next time on the adventures with DJ Mari and gang...HEAT

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