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Tommi Waring

Recently, we got a chance to get in contact with local Miami singer and Guitarist Tommi Waring. Check him out below, to learn more,

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and what you do

i'm a singer songwriter from Miami and I play the guitar and produce my records. originally started playing on the guitar then I started producing a bit for fun and ended up blending the two eventually when I started putting out music.

What inspires you?

I like a lot of different things but I would say in art I like when people blend together cool mix's of nostalgia and progressive textures.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

Mostly some of the same things I would say any musician goes through but right now with the world at its current state its a different landscape for artists, its mostly a time to create along with finding interesting ways of releasing and expressing that music as well.

What do you think makes your music different from other artist?

I would say the self production helps me create my own sound just from tendencies and certain choices I would take on the track.

It's important to give yourself credit; What do you feel is/are your biggest accomplishment(s) to date?

Really just building a audience for the kind of music I'm making

What are some things that you still want to accomplish?

Just continue to make music and work on different projects to get certain ideas I have finished. I'm excited about a lot of opportunities we have to be more self reflective and use the mood of the times to our benefit when being creative.

What new music do you have coming up?

I'm going to be releasing a single probably in November

What do you want people to takeaway from your music?

Whatever they get out of it is cool to me...I just try and work on a certain thing and hope its done better each time out.

Finally, If you had a message to give to any artist coming behind you, what would it be?

just go with the flow and spend the majority of your time working on the music and the use of the tools we now have as artists at our disposal

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