• ItzProgressJ

"Too Much"

The Chicago native and rap artist Lil Durk has released a new single entitled, “Too Much.” The single has a great sound with lyrics that paint a picture of the adversity the rapper has overcome in his life. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, more rappers are getting creative about how they release music. I think the “social distancing” restrictions give lyricists more time to think about the craft and process. My favorite verse in the single is:

“I can’t imagine going back broke, you’ll stay rich when you claim that you poor. You broke my heart but you claim you know. It is what it is, you know what you know. I am the realest for real fosho.” - Lil Durk

This verse speaks to me as a creative because of the daily grind we embark on every day. Most rappers are independent now given the times. This verse illustrates a mindset, it’s more than words. You manifest your destiny by speaking it into existence. I think Lil Durk did that here by telling us how he felt. It’s a reason why the rapper remains consistent today. He’s authentic in his approach and relentless to get results. His music continues to inspire and tell a true story of grit and confidence.

Checkout his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFiGIS9dNdM

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