• Ahmad Rashad

Too Young To Die EP -OYABUN

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Drill Music has been an ever rising sub genre of music especially in New York. With the amazing rise and then unfortunately & untimely death of Pop Smoke earlier this year, there stands a void to be filled.

With that being said, this Brooklyn born MC OYABUN, stands to fill that gap. With his newly anticipated ”Too Young To Die” EP releasing today, he avails to do just that. While honoring Pop Smoke with this tape he tries to tap into that Brooklyn sound.

At the very beginning of the second track “Tom Cruise” you can hear the same snares that also are im bedded in that New York Drill style like in Pop Smokes “Welcome to the party“.

I have watch this artist continuous growth over the years as he continues to reinvent himself. Make sure to check out the Canarsie inspired EP “Too Young To Die”.

In the wake of all that is going on today and in the case of Pop Smoke’s and Kobe’s death, it unfortunately is a very fitting title. Rest In Peace Pop Smoke.

Fave Tracks: Self Made, Tom Cruise.


1) Self Made

2) Tom Cruise

3) Treesh

4) New Body

5) My Side

6) Down For Me

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