• Ahmad Rashad

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Lives

During this pandemic, Instagram has been going crazy. With some of your favorite artist going live. This has been a place for celebs to interact with each other and with their fans. Lets go through some of the most popular ones.

1) Tory Lanez @ToryLanez - Quarantine Radio has to be the LIVEST Instagram live that Instagram has ever seen. With 350,000 people viewing it, It is the most viewed live ever. Tory Lanez was banned from IG live due to some not so suitable content. But now he is back & keeping it PG-13.

2) Lil Boosie @officialboosieig - The raunchiest Instagram live on Instagram with nudity among other things. But what do you expect from Boosie, the “They Dykin” artist. I mean he’s just living up to his music. Famous for his line “Put you _____ lips on live and I’ll give you $1000”. I mean with Quarantine at it’s peak, can you really blame people for trying to make that weekly check? Check out the least provocative video I could fine, with him and social media influencer Kayla Nicole. He also was banned but has since returned!

3) DJ Dnice @Dnice - Club Quarantine is a live music place for DJ Dnice to spin his records. Before Tory Lanez had the livest live it was D nice. He gained well over 800,000 - 1 Million followers in a weeks time. He plays all the cuts and classics. And all your favorite celebrities was in the building from old school to new school.

4) Scott Storch @Scottstorchofficial vs. Mannie Fresh @MannieFresh

Right now on Instagram we’re doing a battle of the greats and this is one of them. World famous producer Scott Storch vs. Mannie Fresh. Although Mannie Fresh is a favorite across every hood in the south during the early 2000’s, let’s be honest Storch who has MULTIPLE Platinum & Number 1 records, shredded him by a landslide.

5) T-Pain @Tpain vs. Lil Jon @liljon

This was a battle for all the hits. If you tuned into it, you seen a drunk Lil Jon & a drunk T-Pain but that’s what made it so fun to watch. This was the friendliest battle I’d ever seen as the brotherly love and camaraderie was at an all-time high. On this live they played all the slaps from “Bartender” to “I’m In Luv With a Stripper” by T- pain, to “Lover’s and Friends” & “Turn down for what” by Lil Jon. Even though, I think Teddy penderassdown has more hits. I believe just with the placements of records throughout, fans & celebs voted Lil Jon as the winner. Check a snippet out below.

Since the writing of this article, Rihanna and Lil Uzi vert also did a live together which wasn’t expected but cool to watch. Is Instagram live the future?

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