• Ahmad Rashad

Trippie Redd's Exclamation mark

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Recently, artist Trippie Redd Released his sophomore album "Exclamation Mark". In listening, the opening track opened with saying "Exclamation mark" five times and I just knew that the album would be a solid project. This new album I believe provided everything that you would usually expect from Trippie Redd, dope production, catchy hooks and an occasional bar or two. Although, I'm not a huge Trippie Redd fan, I've grown to tolerate and kind of like his music over the past couple of years.

I believe each song on the album could be it's own single but I also think the album needed more. At Just under 40 minutes the album was good in length but I still feel like something was missing. For me, I didn't find that ONE song that made me want too smash the repeat button i.e. "Missing my Idols or Topanga" but I do think overall it was a well presented project. It was a couple songs that I did like such as, !, Snake Skin and maybe Immortal but that was about it.

I think this project was still fairly solid, cohesive and in-tune with what we expect from Trippie Redd. But, I think his ear for beats and hit making can be taken to the next level if he just hones in. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what he produces in the future and not bad at all.

Notable Tracks: Snake Skin, !

Rate: 7.2

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