• Ahmad Rashad

Vibe Control. The FRESHEST & NEWEST Friday night in Wynwood

You’ve heard the term “Good vibes only” right? This term tells you that we only want the best vibes and alot of times it’s anything but that. But here, now, we have a new term and it’s called VIBE CONTROL. Which simply means we control the vibe or we will decide what vibe we set and it’s JUST THAT

R House Wynwood, had it’s first ever Friday Night “Vibe Control” led by DJ mari and it was just that, a vibeeee. The turn out, I believe was way better than you can expect for a first night on the scene but with this cast of characters this can become a hot new friday night in Wynwood.

I dig the name Vibe Control because it let’s you know that no matter where your vibezzz are at (good or bad )when you enter, we’re gonna control those auras and morph them into something better and leave you better than you came in. Which is a concept that I LOVE. That’s the way you command a crowd, and DJ Mari did just that.

People were dancing, playing games, chatting and just vibing out and that’s what it’s all about. Allowing people to forget about the shitty week that they just had or about the long paragraph that was just sent to them and just getting lost in the music.

As a DJ or entertainer you have to be able to get people off their phones and into the groove, which can be tedious but not impossible. I’m interested to see what tricks DJ Mari pulls out going forward but tbh, I think with the right group of people around him who has that same mindset, he can do whatever he decides. Is Vibe Control that new night for you and your ladies? Come on out and I’ll let you decide.


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