• Ahmad Rashad

Virtuosity x The Flex 2019

In the last segment about Virtuosity, I spoke on the audition process and the amount of time and specificity it would take to deliver the right formula of artist to have a well put together show and I'm here to deliver those results.

On September 30th, 2019 I was able to be in attendance at this Talent Showcase and was extremely proud of the way they put it together. For this to be their second one, it came together extremely well and flowed fairly smoothly from beginning to end. The talent was also very well versed, from rappers to singers from Hip hop to pop, it suited the demographic well. Even more the Virtuosity team did a fantastic job setting up and also assisting artist with food, drinks and whatever else was needed.

First off, I want to congratulate the talent on doing a wonderful job as getting up on stage and pouring your heart out isn't easy to do, but they did it. With that being said, for the talent it's certain things that I want to highlight that these artist did well and maybe some takeaways. Understanding that no one is a super star right off the bat, these critiques aren't meant to offend but simply to give an outside observation.

1) A-Ru

Highlight: From the get go A-ru's bars were there and his flow was amazing, crowd interaction was good as well; very enjoyable. Great way to start the show.

Artist Critique: Use your space, the stage and crowd is your oyster. Find more ways to interact

2) Rameez

Highlight: Enjoyed his songs and the passion that was brought forth

Artist Critique: Allow your songs to speak for you, Let people feel what you say as opposed to just saying it. The music was there, let people experience it.

3) Buddha & Lay

Highlights: Amazing duet, extremely surprised by the performance. Buddha with his intentionality in the lyrics along with crowd interaction and Lay with her soothing/soft vocals, just amazing.

Artist Critique: Keep doing what you do, and keep bringing that energy. Let people know what inspires you musically and more about who you are

4) Rani

Highlights: Great crowd interaction & use of space

Artist Critique: Continue to move and bring energy; Control breathing, find relatability with crowd, be more comfortable.

5) Tajaii

Highlights: Use of space, style and image

Artist Critique: Control Breathing, find a way to set yourself apart as an artist.

6) Freddie Julee

Highlights: High Energy: Crowd interaction, use of space and getting judges involved; Freestyle interaction was a great added concept

Artist Critique: Not really a critique, but you have amazing energy, continue to provide it

7) Riza

Highlights: Musical style, Voice, diversity

Artist Critique: Show your vocal strengths; Also bring the show to the audience. Setting ambiance is good, but sometimes props take a lot of time, so keep it limited. Showcase more of your musical diversity (singing and playing instruments)

8) Zaya

Highlights: Use of Space, crowd interaction, energy, connection and voice.

Artist Critique : No critique, but you are an excellent performer continue to connect with audiences at that high level

Special Guest features from Marc Made, Abegay Taylor, Jekasole, KV and The hero (Christian) were also present as they represented for Virtuosity and The Flex very well. Overall the show was amazing and each act was better than the last. The host Marc & Valeria held there own ground interacting and finding fun ways to connect with the crowd.

For Virtuosity’s first year in existence, they are growing and fast. Proud of everything that this team is doing and with that positivity, good energy and supportive nature; They’ll continue to do just fine. Congratulations to the winner of this year’s competition Zaya on a well deserved performance and to check out more of his performance click here

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