• Ahmad Rashad

Way too long - Mallika Mehta

Mallika Mehta the international songtress has just released her new single “Way too Long”. Way too long is a song that portrays the emotion of regret.

It describes the flaws as well as the regrets of two individuals that have feelings for each other and still take things for granted by not calling or expressing their feelings in time.

It highlights the fact that everything has a timeline and how certain things need to be said and done when the time is right. Unfortunately as we often see, people don’t always realize it, until it’s too late.

Mallika Mehta also known as the Adele of Mumbai, continues to enthrall her fans with her talents. As an artist whose only been doing music professionally for four years, she’s highly decorated. While being multi lingual in five languages, she has has performed in various places across the world. She has also graced multiple magazine covers such as A.M.U.S.E, Jamsphere, and Indie Artist Go Magazine.

As she continues to cement herself as a musical force, her talents surpass just singing. Continue to follow this up and coming star as she blazes her own trail and check out her new single “Way Too Long” below.

Instagram: @MallikaMehtamusic

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