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Where TheRealGee$?

A young and upcoming artist from Virginia Beach has hit the ground running with more than his lyrics and a beat. This talented artist originally fell in love with basketball. As a child, he idolized Micheal Jordan but when “MJ” retired, Gee$ connected to the imagery of the street life and luxury displayed by Jay Z. The first album he purchased was: Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life.

This album changed Gee$ life forever. This artist stood for more than lyrics and a beat. He realized that the severity of his impact is essential to the energy he brings to the community. He is a positive light in the community. During these times of uncertainty and chaos, TheRealGee$ looks for more ways to express our creativity. These hard times don’t shake him. If anything, he grinds harder to uplift the renewed purpose he has for his life. After a few conversations with him, I could tell where he was from without asking, “the 757.” TheRealGee$ is from College Park to be exact.

This is what the artist, “Gee$” has done. Straight out of College Park with innovation and authenticity, this artist moves with purpose. When I decided to link up with him for an interview, he was headed to the studio. It was only right to connect with him on a day in his life when he was in full grind mode. What better way to get to know an emerging artist from the seven (7) cities?

We discussed his start in the music industry and how he got to the position he’s in today. This young man has the opportunity to impact lives as a mentor, pioneer, and leaders of the new school. His lyrics tell stories that take you on a journey. After listening to a few of his singles, it felt like I was in his shoes, all I had to do was close my eyes. I see one word, AUTHENTIC! After taking a break from music in 2017, Gee$ hit the studio with fire in his eyes. When he’s looking to get some things off his chest, Gee$ lights up another dutch and pours out his thoughts. Music is more than a stream of revenue to this young man, it’s a passage to life beyond what he could ever imagine. Looking forward, there are some projects in the works that could drop during the Summer 2020. It’s all about anticipation and preparation for this artist. When you think you have him figured out, he’s got a way of revealing the unexpected for a unique element of surprise.

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