• Ahmad Rashad

Wow... That’s crazyyy or is it? (Wale Album Review)

Wale recently dropped his 6th album entitled “Wow... that’s crazy” . In this album he speaks of his recent experiences in being a celebrity. From depression, to a million dollar lawsuit loss, his support for black culture , his take on being a hopeless romantic and fans sometimes just not getting it. In this album he pens about being famous for so long and his disconnect with fame and his fans.

Over the years Wale has been a rapper who has struggled with people not giving him the necessary props as a leader of the generation along with the likes of his peers like Kendrick & J.Cole and I agree. Wale has stuck around with the likes of everyone and sometimes I feel that he doesn’t get the credit due.

So, with this post I want to highlight some of the projects that I’ve loved from Wale over the years. As his Mixtapes About Nothing may be his biggest legacy to rap fans let’s check out my favorite projects below:

1) More about Nothing (Mixtape)

2) Attention Deficit (1st Album)

3) Album about nothing (4th Album)

4) Ambition (2nd Album)

5) The 11/1/11 Theory (Mixtape)

6) Folarin (Mixtape)

7) The Gifted (3rd Album)

I became a rap fan of Wale’s around 2010/2011, and although people say he has been self- sabotagin over the years his pen has never wavered and I think that that’s just a way to cope with fame. Continue the journey Wale, It’s hard we get it but you’ve held in there this long! Definitely feeling the new album

Rate: 7.7

Fave Tracks: On chill, Break My Heart

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