• Ahmad Rashad

Goodbye 2020 (Year In Review)

Today I was asked indirectly, what 2020 taught me? Now as most people, we automatically think about all the negative things that happened this year, but what about the positives?

Some got laid off this year, but also received stimulus checks, grants and even unemployment . Some lost family members but also gained a closer bond with other family members . Some struggled with mental health and yet still got to know themselves better.

Through the Tik Tok dance crazes, the watching of every movie on Netflix, the creating and consuming of endless content, the fight for black lives, the losses of some of our favorite celebrities, the reinvention of music, the club quarantines and versus battles, the fight for a new president, the fight for our sanity etc. We had to come face to face with who we are as individuals and even as a people. This year showed us so many things that if we look closely, we see real perspective. This gave us a revelation of who we really are at our core and what we really value.

Values include things like:

- The value of time.

- The similarities in people.

- Less being more.

- Survival through relationships.

- The importance of focusing on the right things.

- Gratitude.

- Timing.

- Patience.

- Love.

This isn’t a music post but a life post. I've also been forced to come face to face with things this year, things that I didn't even know existed, but here I am and here we are.

Even through all of the struggle, here are just a few of the things that I've learned.

- Freedom.

- Love and community.

- The importance of self and the world around you.

- Life is short.

- Things are just things.

- You really have to love yourself, to love others.

- Healing is critical.

- Time is of the essence, but it also goes by fast, so you have to be present.

- It’s all in your perspective and that your mind is your biggest battle.

- You can overcome almost anything with the help of others.

- Life goes on, even without you in it.

- It's not all about attaining or achieving

- It's important to go at your own pace

So many things in just one year.

Thought: What if this year wasn’t here to punish us, but to teach us? To make us better and more unified? What if this was just to help you find out what’s really important? To find you.

It’s all in the way you spin it. Even if we barely made it, I'm just glad we're here. I know tomorrow will be just another day in the grand scheme of things, but let's just take a moment.


2020 year in review, what has 2020 taught you?

What are you looking forward to in 2021?


Now... For the grand finale..

PEACE 2020!

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