• Ahmad Rashad

Brandy vs. Monica

After long and Illustrious careers and also ones that have been filled with disagreements and tension, the “Boy Is Mine” singers Brandy & Monica finally sat together live and did a Verzuz.

At first and throughout, it did seem as if the tension between Monica “The straight shooter“ and Brandy was still there a little, just from all the history that has been built up over the years. Besides that I have to be honest and say that this might’ve been the best Verzuz that I have ever seen.

While it was lengthy, this Verzuz was able to sustain 1 million+ people’s attention for three hours, and that in itself should tell you everything that you need to know.

I enjoyed this so much. Even though some of these songs came out when I was extremely young in the 90’s , their emotions still resonated through my relationships in Middle School, High school and even today.

It definitely gave you nostalgia. Some of us couldn’t tell if we were going to or leaving from prom. But it had everything. Even with the tension and the growth in their voices and relationship, it seemed like a full circle moment.

Even in the midst of the emotion, people laughed together in a community like state. It showed the positive aspects of black culture that we don't often get to see, like at a family Bar B Q. In between us trying to decide if Monica was wearing pants or boots (There will probably be memes up by morning) and hearing her continuously singing ”SIDELINE HOE” while Brandy seemed to want it to stop (in a nice way) this was definitely one for the books.

With everything going on, we as a people needed this. Not to get too spiritual but God has a way of balancing things out.

Rest in Peace to the greats that we’ve lost, this one was for you! If you didn’t see it, at least go find the songs and act it out! Or re-watch it.

Rate 9.5/10

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