• Ahmad Rashad

A Love Story - Just John

Artist & Poet Just John has released his album “ A Love Story” and it presents you with JUST that, as always cause, it’s JUST John.

Just John made his biggest impact as a Spoken Word artist and now has converted that talent into music. He went from encapsulating crowds with words to now doing the same with hooks and melodies.

A Love Story takes you through a journey and shift from play boy to lover. As you go through the album, you can see and feel the growth through previous relationships.

We’re able to see his views and faults past and present through his eyes. Relationships are inevitable with everyone and Just John balances that line thoroughly.

Songs like “For All My” and “Slide” shows the juxtaposition between who Just John is, was and struggling to be. From clubber and bottle popper, to lover and friend.

What’s even more encapsulating than Just John’s growth as an artist and man is his ability to perform and make every set he’s on, feel personal and intimate.

I’m interested to see how these songs sound live. If you missed his most recent performance at the Savannah Cristina’s “Drive- In” then stay up to date with his future performances on his social media.

Until then, this has been “A Love Story”. Make sure you support our Independent artist and go get that. You won’t be disappointed. Stay on the lookout for Just John.

Favorite Tracks: Slide, Move Weight

Instagram: @JustJohnig

Twitter: @JustJohnTw

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