• Ahmad Rashad

Rico Alexander - Bounce Back

Rico Alexander a pop artist, has his new single “Bounce Back” after releasing his debut single “Committed” . It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him, about two years to be exact; but he’s back and we have the first look.

As he‘s working to find his sound as an artist, he’s working on building that brand and identity as a pop star. With this new song he speaks on a love interest who he no longer sweats as he has “Bounced Back” to who he was. (I know, we’ve all been there).You can hear the progression from who he first was in committed. It’s almost funny because this track is a juxtaposition of the first one. Rico went from being committed, to wanting to ”bounce back”. Which sometimes you need to do.

I love the sounds that he plays with as he continues to grow. The production style that he wants to go for. As he continues to progress, I can definitely see a person headed for the mainstream.

I see his vision and maybe you will too. Don’t miss the wave!

Check out Rico Alexander’s new single. “Bounce Back”

Releases: 9/4

Instagram: @ItssimplyRico

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