• Ahmad Rashad

AU - Angels and Demons

Artist AU, has recently released his new single “Angel and Demons”. In this single he talks about the spiritual side of things but also the battles of darkness in music and life.

In this, he often compares Angels and demons to money versus his soul. Although a common analogy , AU is saying that he stays true to whatever his roots are for himself. As an artist and even as person, that is a big thing when it comes to making decisions in life, whether goals, spiritual focus, taking risk etc.. Who you are is everything. As you grow whether in money or in life, the higher up you go, the more your vices and weaknesses can become exposed.

In this track, AU admits that although he isn’t living life the best way that he could, he understands the value of the spiritual or the value of having angels in your corner and having a solid foundation. Your foundation is who you become, and although things may not be perfect, he chooses to make the right foundation for himself and be aware of the things that happen around him in life.

What do you build your foundation on? Are you protected by angels or feeding into your demons?

Check out full Single below:

Instagram: @AuKeepsit100

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