• Ahmad Rashad

Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes (Review)

We now have a new Drake tape thanks to OVO Oliver & Noel. And it may not be the sports we’re looking for but it will do.

Dark Lane Demo is a tape of Leaks and some tracks that we’ve never heard, but I think we’re just glad to have some new music and all in one place. In my personal opinion I think some of these songs sound like B cuts (Throwaways) but it’s definitely something we can listen too. (Think Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered)

Although Im able to listen to and take some of the songs and download them, this is definitely something that I could live without but of course this is just something for the people to keep going. To Drake’s camp’s credit, I think that was the intent and I’m not mad. I believe songs like “Chicago Freestyle“ & “Desires ft. Future” will hold us over, until we get more chune for your head top.

Drake we appreciate the tracks as some of your fans wanted this and we needed new music besides “Toosie Slide”, but go ahead and prepare for us that fire album as that’s what we really need.

As stated before, this isn’t a bad tape but to me it also isn’t a mandatory download. But hey, grab what you can in the meantime, and enjoy it. See you when the album drops!

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