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Lena Blue TV

Lena Blue is shaking up Florida, with her platform Lena Blue TV. With this platform she does interviews, music videos and about any other form of media that you can think of. She makes sure that you see her face and brand everywhere!

Learn more about her below:

Walk us through your background- Tell us more about you and what you do

I am known as Director Lena Blue, owner of Lena Blue TV. We specialize in videography and photography. Providing services for client’s needs such as birthdays, business warmings, sports, documentaries, weddings, funerals, & so much more. I humbly express that I have had the pleasure of accommodating individuals such as YK Osiris, 2 Chains, Boosie Bad Azz, Freeway Rick Ross, Kenny Lattimore, and many more.

It all began as a child. Taking family photos, I insisted on getting a hold of the disposable to capture a moment. I can hear my aunt instructing me on how to get the perfect shot. It was always amazing to me that with just a click of a button, you’re presented with a moment that’s tangible for a lifetime. Elementary school, all safety patrols had to participate in TV Production which I consider my 1st break. Then on to middle school, I learned more about anchoring, writing, and camera operating. High school was a different ball game. I started off editing previews or movie trailers. I learned about various classic motion pictures, acting, shooting short films, script writing, etc. even radio! Out of high school I started doing my own thing, capturing whatever I felt was necessary including interviews, music videos, and local events.

Currently, Lena Blue TV is providing interviews for underground entrepreneurs. Everyone has a story to tell. Our mission is to provide Lena Blue TV’s platform for individuals to do so.

What makes us stand out as our ability to draw fans and supporters closer to the entrepreneur. Ask us how this is possible by contacting us (contact info below).

We’ve also launched our project Lox Arc. Lox Arc is where we compare and contrast the art of Lox and Architecture. To me, Architecture is everything! Everything you lay your eyes on. It’s common to associate only buildings with Architecture, it’s time to unlearn that. Lox & Architecture are alike in so many ways, whether it’s freeform or professionally done.. As we practically confront the stigma of Lox, we’ll be capturing beautiful moments with the controversial style and esteemed structures, together.

Anyone that may be interested in presenting their small business, sharing their story, or being a part of our Lox Arc project, give us a call or DM us.

Phone: 561-631-2024

Instagram: @LenaBlueTV @Lox.Arc

What inspires you?

Noticing and experiencing the hardships of our people. We’ve been affected in so many ways. Media doesn’t help this issue. It’s my duty to embrace & reveal the better side of us. My grandparents were entrepreneurs within the city of Riviera Beach. They also represented the underdogs and lended hands to the less fortunate. Besides my parents having caring, nurturing spirits, they were drug addicts with mental health issues. This affected me in many ways, both positive and negative. My grandmother, a school teacher of over 40 years, and my aunt, a social worker for over 35 years, raised me together. With this, I had a great example of the powerful woman. This contrast between my birthparents and my “parents” allowed me the chance to view both sides. It’s important to consider both sides of anything.

What are some of the obstacles you've faced and how has it made you better?

Besides the struggles I’ve witnessed my parents go through, I guess an obstacle would include lack of committed individuals (from the very few we’ve reached out to) As a result I have a heavier workload which leaves me with less time to create. I can definitely reconsider some things. (Here’s a reminder to never solely depend on anyone as it is not their responsibility to serve you.)

I can not close the answer to this question without stating, anything you want to do truly, you have all the tools you need. For a long time I waited for “the perfect moment”. The moment to receive a Mac specifically, (because this is what we used in high school so I felt more comfortable with this) the moment to get a better camera, as I figured that $500 camera would be incredibly better than that $200 camera that did me justice for a good while. Anything you need can be obtained, Literally. The key is the right attitude. All of this taught me to organize, use what I already have, as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. (Our biggest obstacle is ourselves.)

What do you think makes you different from other artist/creatives?

What makes me different: I actually care. I care about the work that I put in and put out as far as quality, message, style, etc. I actually want to learn about you, about things, why things are the way they are. . I am also understanding. I understand that people have various opinions, different views, and unique truths. I’ll only ask you to elaborate to gain a better understanding, never to insult you.

It's important to give yourself credit; What do you feel is/are your biggest accomplishment(s) to date?

Getting Lena Blue TV up and running and actually accommodating people who are interested in our exclusive content is quite an accomplishment for me. Another great accomplishment is gaining the trust and respect of people who are truly admired by myself and even the world. The biggest accomplishment of all is starting to find myself. I’m not sure if I’ll fully learn myself, 100% because I learn something about myself practically every day. I’m constantly evolving; learning to be patient with myself, learning to love myself for who I am and who I am becoming as I evolve. No one else will love you the way that you should yourself. This love is crucial. Never mistake ego for love. (Be sure to pay attention to your mind, body, and soul.)

What are some things that you still want to accomplish?

Gosh, I’ve just barely started this journey. Besides expanding what I’ve started, I would eventually like to create short films. The closest I’ve come to short films is creating a five minute submission to Full Sail University and the intros I’ve written for exclusive music videos we’ve completed. I’m highly interested in short films as I am lightly hinting at it. Documentaries are exceptionally important. History has been passed down through generations typically via word-of-mouth or oral story telling; here’s one of the original ways of expressing and sharing history. I would imagine that by the time this information has reached, let’s say a fifth generation, the story would be altered in some sort. If the first bit of information was documented, (specifically motion picture) I’m sure there’s a very slim chance that anyone would consider any revision attempted. Although storytelling is very important today, it’s evident that many lies and misconceptions continue to penetrate the world today so why not back up oral storytelling with video documentation? I would enjoy traveling the world collecting genuine stories.

What new work do you have coming up?

My cousin actually hit me up recently to go over a short film she’s written. I’m excited for this new challenge! Only after fully completing this project I’m able to express if I’m ready to tackle more.

Give us a fun fact about yourself

I love earth tone colors, vintage material, and animals. I break rules only sometimes; there’s your fun fact.

Finally, If you had a message to give to any artist coming behind you, what would it be?

Create! “Don’t Stop Keep Going” as artist Getty Levert would emphasize.

Enjoy visual here:

Whatever comes to mind, as long as it not intended to harm anyone, create it. If you aren’t able to get it done soon, be sure to jot it down. Express your true self as if no one is waiting to criticize. This, I am still learning. Others opinions really shouldn’t matter.

Social Media

Instagram: @LenaBlueTv , @Lox.arc

Twitter: @LenaBlueTV

Youtube: @LenaBlueTv

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